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Hard Money Lenders is a direct, full service, privately funded hard equity lender for commercial and commercial real property financing. Hard Money Lenders focuses on distinctive and innovative hard money loans. As a direct lender our hands are not tied by conventional requirements, such as ratios and other institutional criteria.

A Hard Money Loan is a financing philosophy that operates on guarantee based underwriting. It places more importance on the equity on the property rather than on the guarantor's credit.

A Finding a Loan: A mortgage loan is a loan protected by actual belongings through the usage of a mortgage note which marks the presence of the loan and the nuisance of that realty through the surrendering of a mortgage which safeguards the loan.

First Time Home Buyers : Buying a home is considered to be the most exciting and complex purchase a person will ever make in their lifetime.

A Basic Mortgages in Miami : There are two basic categories of Mortgagess: the fixed-rate and the adjustable-rate Mortgages(ARM).

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