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We are a full service Financial Management Company, located in Miami, Fl. We offer professional services covering a variety of areas including, developing Financial Goals, Educational Savings, Income planning, Retirement Planning, Debt Management, Investments and so much more. With our experience staff we will improve your financial security, and ensure that all of your financial goals are accomplished.

What we Offer

Here at Financial Planning Miami we offer step by step Financial Planning to meet every aspect of your life. Financial advisement can be beneficial to every individual no matter race, culture, or age. In our society as prices are rising, money and resources on deteriorating. In order to ensure that your life is prosperous, and affluent you must properly manage your finances. However, we understand the difficulty of budgeting and goal setting when it come to your finances. With our customers in mind, Financial Planning Miami was developed to ensure that your finances are preserved in the midst of a failing economy.

Filing Information for Individuals

Publications 501, exemptions, standard deductions, and filing information are your manual for essential information like filing statuses, exemptions, and claiming the standard deduction. Filing and paying your business taxes, an (EIN) otherwise know as a federal tax identification number will be used to identify tax reports to the IRS.

Our reputation in the employee benefit community is immaculate and our over 50 years of experience speaks for itself. People like our company and more importantly the like what our company does for them. We have an understanding and no how regard all aspects of employee benefits that can only come with experience derived from longevity. All of our professionals are highly trained and continually trained as like all other things in life employee benefits shift and change with the times. When you come to our group come expecting to undergo a complete and concise audit that complies with all of the regulations and requirements. Your audit will always be completed on time and filed with all the correct forms and disclosure documents. In the unlikely event that there is a problem you have our guarantee that we will take all the penalties that we've caused. We also submit all the finances we've audited for peer review just to insure once again that the quality of our audit is without question.

Here we take every client from the biggest business to the individual with the utmost care. Expect great service from our staff. The advice we give is always sound and well thought out and of course tailored to you. The decisions you make based off our advice will increase revenue, you'll reduce your taxes and improve your efficiency.

Our company features a variety of financial services and are diligent in working with you to help pursue any mentioned goals.  The first step to retirement is to start considering your retirement income needs. Our company is the best there is to assist you with all of these needs!

Our organization provides businesses and individuals with financial services and tax planning, tax preparation and accounting. Many persons whether individuals or business owners face a lot of difficulties in today's tax management arena. We guide and direct you through all your financial difficulties.

You need a tax firm who understands you and your current tax situation. Accounting, when it comes to tax, can seem complicated and complex but you need a hand that can be there for your tax needs. Call today to talk to us about your current tax issues and standings.

We are well knowledge and experienced in the negotiation of situations at compromise with the IRS. Our company offers a wide variety of services, including: payables, receivables, and payroll management.  All financial statements prepared are in accordance to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles for use of banks and investors. 

Running any business has challenges and those of a privatized or small business can be unique. We understand that you will need help from professionals who have knowledge specific to your needs. You can rely on us to work with you to make the best most cost effective decisions when the time comes for it. We have professionals that can help you with any financial concern you could possibly have. Whether if it's should you buy or lease company cars or other equipment. Whether you should offer your employees a 401k plan. What about whether you should have medical insurance? Can you afford, can you afford not to have it. We all know benefits are all but required to keep talented employees. Have you reviewed the current wage and hour policies and procedures? In today's very dynamic and unstable market our accountants can help you with all these issues and more. We customize all solutions we give to people there is no cookie cutter one size fits all mentality with our company.



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