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Qualities of a credit card

When thinking about using credit cards within a small business, think of all the help it can give it a small business.  It helps small businesses grow in a competitive market with a variety of flexible, convenient payment methods, from credit card processing to electronic checks.

  • • Improve sales through secure debit and credit card processing.
  • • Manage a better business with mobile and wireless account access, online billing and seamless software integration.
  • • Secure networks with PCI DSS compliance.

Having a credit card merchant can help payment processing solutions, which is designed to meet your specific small business needs, no matter what industry you serve.


retail store merchants

With retail credit card processing solutions allow merchants to offer stretchy methods of payments at the point-of-sale, including major credit cards, debit cards and checks.

  • Improve customer service with quick, safe, efficient checkouts and advanced credit card processing terminals.
  • Save money with low processing rates and free terminal program.
  • Swipe credit cards securely by applying PCI accommodating payment solutions.


Improving credit cards

Having a credit card merchant provides improved security, world-class support, and a change of payment services to fit every credit union’s needs.
 Your credit union will enjoy:

  • • A enthusiastic account specialist
  • • Risk-free programs
  • • Simple Hosted Payment Forms designed for charities and donation giving
  • • Faster payment collection by allowing members to pay application and monthly loan payments with chosen debit or credit cards
  • • Cash advance services for credit union members to withdraw funds against their credit cards

• Increased payment security through PCI compliant payment processing

Computer optimization

Sometimes it’s not just your computer getting old, as you use your computer it eventually gets bogged down with spy and malware temporary files that are useless and more. While it may not affect your computer at first it will slow even the most powerful of computers given enough time. Keep your computer running smoothly and maximize your computer potential by allowing us to get rid of malicious software that may have downloaded itself to your computer without your knowledge. Optimization increasing your computers processing and overall speed and lets you do what you have to faster. Your computer doesn’t have to be slow, come in and have your computer optimized.



We realize that computers evolve as fast as they make a new they already have a bigger faster computer in the works but here at our store we make sure we evolve too. Our staff is always knowledable about the newest advances in computer hardware and can tell you where to get the most ang for your buck. Stop by and see what savings we can offer you.



Operating systems, Antiviruses, Computer games, you name it and we gaurantee if its software for a computer we probably have and if we don't it's because we're waiting for our next shipment. All of our employees are highly knowledge about all software on the market and will be more than happy to help you choose the right software for your computer.


Tax Cuts For the Poor

President Donald Trump’s 2017 tax law was meant to drive investment in the opportunity zones which are the undeveloped areas. The approach used to attain this is providing attractive breaks from tax so that investment can be started in the poorer areas, which will be selected by the governor of the state .Trumps tax cut to help the poor


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